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Equipment Roster

The Houston Railroad Museum's unique rail collection includes locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars and cabooses (cabeese?).

Click on the linked text below for pictures and more information.

ATSF 2350 Alco S-2 switcher, built 1945
HB&T 14 Alco S-2 switcher, built 1945
Texas Mexican Railway 510 Baldwin DS44-750 switcher, built 1949

Passenger, railway mail and express equipment:
ATSF Verde Valley Pullman, built 1942
ATSF 1344 Super Chief lounge car, built 1950
ATSF 1890 End-door express car, built 1928
ATSF 3401 Baggage-Railway Post Office car, built 1938
GM&O Alton Parlor car, built 1947
KCS Good Cheer Southern Belle tavern lounge observation car, built 1940
MKT New Braunfels Texas Special chair car, built 1955
MP Eagle Chasm Texas Eagle sleeping car, built 1949 
SAL Fort Lauderdale Pullman, built 1956
SP&S 50
Mail storage car (originally baggage-Railway Post Office), built 1915

Freight cars:
CSOX 2198 Tank car, built 1927
MHAX 1237 Helium car, built 1955
MKT 6 Cupola caboose, built 1949
SP 4696 Bay window caboose, built 1979