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Railroad Artifacts in the Museum Collection

The museum's collection includes a wide variety of artifacts, including signals, time tables, correspondence, lanterns, coffin carts and a huge neon sign that once stood atop Houston's now-demolished Grand Central Station.

Scroll down for a few images of the many items in the collection.  We'll be posting more over time.

Volunteers install a wig-wag crossing signal on the museum grounds.

The Houston Railroad Museum provides hands-on experiences for visitors, like the opportunity to ring a steam engine bell.

Unfortunately, SP's Grand Central Station in downtown Houston is not one of the museum's artifacts.  The building was demolished in the 1960s.  However, see that sign on top of the building?  It is at the museum, and it works, thanks to the efforts of museum volunteers.

More museum artifacts are visible in the top picture.  At left is a track gang crane, while just between the "t" and the "h" in "Southern" you can see our RPO mail bag crane.